Signs you need to detoxifydetoxification

  1. Do you have digestive problems?
  2. Do you feel tired and unhealthy?
  3. Do you have difficulty thinking clearly?
  4. Do you have skin problems?
  5. Do you have allergies, sinus or dark circles under your eyes?
  6. Do you have bad breath or body odour?
  7. Do you have caffeine, sugar, carb or alcohol cravings?


At all about health & wellness, we will get you to complete our ‘Detoxification Questionnaire’ and based on that, we may suggest a simple urinary Indican test, which measures levels of bad (unbalanced) organisms in your digestive system. These bacteria/yeasts/fungi could be causing any of the above symptoms.  We call this gut dysbiosis.

Different Patients have Different Detox Needs

Our detoxification programmes are not a one size fits all. We will consider whether you need ‘hormonal’ detox – (eg poly cystic ovarian syndrome PCOS), specialised liver detox (liver symptoms, fatigue), chelation detox (for specific exposure e.g. to heavy metals – lead, arsenic, mercury) Gut detox (gut symptoms) or our express detox for general wellness.

Our Registered  Nurse/Naturopath will ensure that you are supported and guided throughout this process. We understand how important it is for you to be able to function adequately throughout the detox process.   We will provide you with a shopping list, a booklet on how to get the most out of your detox which generally run from 2 to 6 weeks duration.

Think of it like getting an oil change for your car. You wouldn’t buy some good quality oil and pour that into your engine without cleaning out the old oil and replacing the filter first.    Our bodies are the same. If you take good care of it now, it will run smoothly for years to come.

Call us today to book an appointment, and get on the road to premium health.

You will start to feel better almost immediately following commencement – guaranteed!