Do I need spinal therapy?spinal-225x300

  • Have you tried for a very long time to deal with back pain on your own?
  • Have the pain killers stopped doing the trick?
  • Are you ready to do anything to stop the pain?

John the physiotherapist will use several methods to help with the pain.

After just a few treatments, it will be like you’ve never had back pain.

And to keep the pain away, we will design for you a personal workout program.

What is spinal therapy?

Spinal therapy is treatment which concentrates on the spine, to relieve pain, relieve tension, improve the mobility of joints and, in the case of the Oriental therapies, to “unblock energy channels”.

Spinal therapy is a combination of manipulation techniques with massage which restores and promotes good health and maximises athletic performance. The combination of approaches included are of the following:

  • Mobilisation/manipulation
  • Core stabilisation/exercises
  • Stretching
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Fitness
  • Positive attitude

There is no one miracle cure to back pain, but you will improve you chances of gaining a full recovery when some if not all of these approaches are used.

If you have recently injured yourself, or have an ongoing niggling pain that never seems to go away, then book an appointment with John today. John is able to generate a claim for ACC purposes if the injury fits the criteria for ACC cover.
No doctors referrals are necessary. Call today to gain relief from pain.