• Spinal therapy
  • Fitness assessments
  • Sports medicine
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Acupuncture
  • ACC funded physiotherapy

Experience the difference

I am a professional physiotherapist with more than 30 years experience in treating and rehabilitating patients with great results and I can provide you with a total rehabilitation service and individualised care for all your requirements.

My specialist area of expertise is lower back problems, having completed my Masters in 1993.I offer one-on-one treatment with manipulation and exercise programmes in an ‘all you need’ gym environment at either the Crofton Downs or Eastbourne clinics.


I have previously operated successful practices in Auckland, Brisbane, Napier, Kapiti Coast and Wellington and have worked as a physiotherapist for the following sports teams and clubs:

  • The New Zealand All Whites Football team
  • NZ ” A”  Cricket team
  • assistant at the Australian Tennis Open, 1992
  • assistant to the Brisbane Broncos
  • Central Districts Cricket
  • Napier City Rovers Football
  • Wests Rugby and Norths Rugby Clubs, Brisbane, Australia
  • Wellington Firebirds Cricket
  • Wellington Lions Rugby
  • Ardmore Rugby Club
  • Mauku Cricket Club



Physio references

“At the time of seeking your services I was a pretty low point due to the pain I was in and the impact it was having on my life, especially since I had recently become a father. The service you provided has not only given me relief from the pain but has changed my approach to everyday physical activities and exercise. There are occasions when the injury flares up however my visits with you have taught me how to address these effectively and I continue to work on the preventative maintenance. Thanks once again for all your help.”

Duncan, 10 February 2012

“I have a longstanding back problem relating to an injury sustained during a holiday job in an industrial plant, when I fell of a railway wagon.

This problem was exacerbated by a construction accident when I was lifting a large cabinet awkwardly.

My back has in been increasingly managed by Physiotherapists ever since. My last physiotherapist gave me exercises that have assisted me greatly but in the end lost an understanding of my situation and my pain increased rather than diminished.

Out of frustration I swapped to John Haywood who assessed the situation holistically and provided massage and general treatment that has managed the pain and situation and given me the freedom and confidence to carry out the things I enjoy doing.

It takes very little to stress my back, despite the care I take, but John’s treatment and advice has been excellent and allows me to live a full life with significantly reduced back discomfort.”

Tony, August 2009