“What is food to one man may be fierce poison to others” 
– Lucretius c.99BC– c.55BC

Determine the beneficial foods from the troublesome foods in your diet and then, with anti-allergy supplements and/or homeopathics, we can desensitise you to any foods you may be intolerant to.

This may help reduce symptoms such as:

  • Eczema
  • Irritable gut
  • Gas & Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Skin rash (Hives/urticaria)
  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea
  • Wheeziness


How do we test for food allergies/intolerances?

We use several different techniques –  initially kinesiology style muscle testing or hair testing.

What is Kinesiology style muscle testing?

This is a scientifically researched and proven form of assessment using muscle testing as a primary feedback mechanism to see how a person’s body is responding.

Prices start from $ 135 per 45  minute appointment (adults) and $ 75 for children (30 mins)

We will then suggest swapping  the 'reactive' foods from the diet for a set period of time.  We ensure you understand the importance of a balanced diet, and will recommend a dietician/nutritionist if required.

We can then use supplement herbs or homeopathics to reduce your reaction to the identified 'intolerant' foods so that you can tolerate these in the future.

Generally this will result in a positive outcome.  We recommend that you keep a diary with a scoring of your symptoms as we believe that 'the proof is in the reduction in symptoms through only swapping out the foods you may be reacting negatively to.

Links to research on Kinesiology style muscle testing:


Allergy Testimonials

“I went to Paddy for help with my hay fever which had become out of control — I was taking tablets everyday and still sneezing, etc. Upon meeting Paddy I immediately felt at ease with her warm manner. Paddy recognised me as being allergic to wheat. Within a week of eliminating this from my diet, I felt heaps better — I had more energy, slept better and my hay fever disappeared. My asthma has also improved dramatically. Another positive side effect was losing 18kgs within 4 months without dieting. I have recommended Paddy to many friends and also my mother, all who have had great results.”

Amanda, 10 February 2009


“My 8 ½ year old son had been a bed wetter until about six months ago. His younger brother was dry from age 2. It has been almost a year that I had consulted Paddy at All About Health and Wellness who diagnosed him with a gluten and dairy intolerance. We tried going gluten free but it proved difficult for the whole family so I concentrated on identifying which dairy protein he was intolerant to. Since cutting out lactose from his diet (involving diligent label reading) and finishing his NET remedies he has finally become dry during the night. He also had an NET consultation to get him “OK” to go to the toilet. Lactose intolerance certainly made sense to me as my son was a chronic refluxer as a breastfed baby and milk consumption on my part made his vomiting much worse. At the time no allergies had registered on the hospital tests he undertook even though he seemed to suffer from constant stomach cramps and distension, and severe eczema. Since reducing our consumption of pasta, refined wheat and processed products as a family and in combination with a lactose free diet for our son, it has enabled his body to recover. On occasion when he has ice-cream 2 days in a row he will wet the bed so we have definite proof that his body finds it difficult to process large quantities of these proteins, he can generally tolerate small quantities. Dry nights has rejuvenated his self esteem and bedwetting is no longer a shameful experience or topic for him. J Thank you Paddy for helping us and affirming what I instinctively believed years ago but what conventional doctors had discounted.”

Jacinta, 21 September 2010

Baby – constantly sick

“My son turns two shortly.  He has been really sick for most of the first 20 months of his little life.  His symptoms included a constant runny noise, smelly breath and repeated throat infections.  We were at the doctors every 2-3 weeks, and he was on a lot of antibiotics. On a number of times I mentioned to them that I suspected he was “allergic” to dairy, which they assured me this was not the case. What was a great frustration is that the antibiotics seemed to do little to help him.  He eventually started to develop a nasty rash over his back and tummy.  Our Doctors told us that it was a sign that he was allergic to something but that there would be no means of determining what it was, and that hopefully he would outgrow it.  A friend told me of about the services Paddy offered, and I took him along for a consult.  Through a simple and non intrusive process she identified that he was intolerant to both wheat and dairy, and provided us with some additional immune boosters to help repair his little system.  Since then he has been much better.  The constant runny nose has cleared up and now when he gets a cold, he seems to be able to fight it off without having to go to the Doctors.  This has been a huge improvement and turn around.  I am most grateful to Paddy for her advice and support.”

Thelma, 22 September 2010

Asthma Adult

“I am an asthmatic and have been since birth. When I was finally diagnosed the specialist told me I only had about 60% of a normal lung capacity left and that was as good as it was going to get. My maximum peak flows have always been about 350. Paddy suggested I try a product called Allergenics and since I have been taking the capsules my peak flows have increase to 400 (14%).”

Thelma, 22 September 2010


“I met Paddy when my Daughter- (Neha) was 3 months old,  She had Eczema on her face and arms. She also had reflux and was very bloated. Paddy had one look at her and said “she is reacting to something”! I wasn’t ready to do anything about it then. so we decided to sit on it for a while.  At about 5 months we got Neha muscle tested by Paddy (via me) as Neha was only breast fed, which identified specific foods that she was reacting to in my milk – exclusion of these worked with  very good results;  desensitizing my little girl via me with her homeopathics and building my immunity with specific probiotics.  All this involved no pain, no trauma and no side effects, Great stuff.  Neha is now 2 years old and can drink and eat everything!!! She does enjoy her dairy products too , which is what she was reacting to.
Thank you Paddy for all your help and support.”

Nita, 25th Sep 2010

Child – behaviour & allergies

“I have been taking my son to Paddy at All About Health and Wellness for a number of years.  When I first took him he was a very active, agitated and antisocial toddler who lacked the ability to think before reacting and was always doing things that annoyed others or disrupted events.  Paddy was fantastic with a child of his age and through a diagnosis of food intolerances, a reaction to his vaccinations as well as being an over active child, she has been able to treat him successfully.

The NET treatment is non invasive and very helpful and calming for our son.

This along with homeopathy and vitamin/mineral supplements has meant our son is able to tolerate some of the food that he had such an aversion too and is calmer within himself.  He is still active but able to channel this into constructive activities and he now has the concentration to finish things.  He is a much more social person with a vibrant personality.  Our son is now 8, but still reacts well to NET and homeopathic treatment.

I am forever grateful to Paddy for helping our son find a happier self and would recommend her and this holistic approach to everyone.”

Katie -Wellington

Thirdly, if you notice no difference in your condition, we suggest the following further options:


A skin prick test

A simple, quick, and safe method with a high degree of specificity to particular allergens. Skin prick testing with a battery of routine allergens is also an effective way of diagnosing allergic reactions.

Gluten antibody blood test

Both tests can be arranged and done through your GP, but these are also not necessarily conclusive for a gluten intolerance as opposed to an allergy.

Comprehensive blood testing 

A simple blood test to discover what you need to avoid in your diet in order to minimise symptoms. This is sent to the USA for testing.

You receive a thorough report on 132 different common foods with additional add-on choices 

Costs on application.