What is a fitness assessment and do I need one?

fitness-assessmentIf you are looking at getting a scientific analysis of your overall fitness, health and wellness, then a fitness assessment is just what you need — whether you are a professional athlete or an office worker. Some of the testing procedures used are used by athletes who are involved with High Performance Sport New Zealand.

all about health & wellness offers you a variety of fitness assessments. These take place in our fully-equipped gym, where you can be assured of a quality private and personalised atmosphere.

John Haywood, the physiotherapist, will take you through the assessment, ensuring you understand each aspect and its relevance to your exercise needs and lifestyle.

What will John be assessing for?

Are you supple for your age? Are there any major differences between the left and right side of your body?

Strength measurement
Are you strong and do you have balanced strength? Are there any major differences between the left and right side of your body?

Aerobic capacity
How’s your second wind?

Do you stand tall, or sit slouched?

Body composition
Are you carrying a spare tyre? How much of you is muscle or fat? Are you dehydrated? Is the fluid in your body in the right places?

All these parameters can be scientifically measured ( see our Health Checks page, Bio Impedance Testing ) so you can see where you are at, but more importantly find out where you need to be, given your age and gender.

Once we have tested you, we can prescribe the right specific program for your needs. The proof lies in the re-test: after all your hard work, you can see and measure your improvement.

The tests that we employ are safe, scientific and accurate. John will expand on the specifics of each test when you make your appointment.

Should you require specific details of each testing component please feel free to contact us.